Your questions

  • How to create a HABILE. account ?

    To create a HABILE account, simply click here.

    You can then create an account by entering your email address and the password of your choice. The registration to our newsletter will be optional and all your personal data will be confidential. The security of these data is ensured by SHOPIFY and by STRIPE for the payment data.

    Welcome to you in the HABILE family.

    If you encounter any difficulties, you can contact our after-sales service at 01 71 70 23 04 or by email so that we can settle it together or directly on instagram.

  • Why create a HABILE account?

    Create a HABILE account, it's just easier to find your invoice, to follow your parcel or to edit a return form quickly. We all hate passwords but the digital world where our e-shop evolves is the only solution to protect your data.

    The Shopify servers that host our online store are among the most secure servers in the world. The data concerning your payment methods are directly managed by STRIPE (world leader) and none of our teams can have access to them.

    We recommend that you use unique passwords to strengthen the security of your virtual spaces.

  • What do I do when I lose my password or how do I reset my password?

    It happens to us as often as it happens to you. We lose, confuse or mix up our passwords. We've thought of everything and here's the solution:

    Click on "Forgot your password?" on the My Account page. If you encounter any difficulties, you can contact our customer service at 01 71 70 23 04 or by email so we can find a solution together or directly on instagram

  • How to unsubscribe from the HABILE Newsletter?

    We will regularly propose you a content in adequacy with our values, to share our meetings and to keep you informed of our news. If before unsubscribing you could send us a few words so that we can improve, we thank you in advance.

    Our newsletters are sent by the MAILCHIMP mailing platform. Each newsletter has an unsubscribe link at the bottom of it. To unsubscribe, simply click on the link and the mailing will be stopped immediately.

    Thank you for following us

  • What if my order is missing a product?

    It is well known that mistakes never happen at HABILE:-) We are sincerely sorry because it happened during the preparation of your order.

    In order to check with our logistics department, please send us an email and specify your order number and the missing product.

    Thank you also, if you could communicate us the total weight of the parcel marked on the label, and send us a photo of the parcel in the hypothesis that you received it particularly deteriorated.

    You can reach our after-sales service at

    01 71 70 23 04 or by mail so we can find a solution together or directly on instagram.

  • What are the payment options for my order?

    At HABILE three payment methods are offered by our partner STRIPE to pay your order:
    -1- Payment by credit card Visa, Master Card and American Express
    -2- Payment by Paypal
    -3- Payment by apple pay

    Nothing original or exciting but when it comes to paying, at HABILE, we prefer to make it simple. We are working with our partners to offer you more and more functionalities and more security when you pay on HABILE.COM.

  • What are the payment options for my order?

    At HABILE, we offer you 3 ways to pay for your order:

    - Payment by credit card(Visa, Master Card or American Express)

    - Payment by Paypal

    - Apple pay

  • What are the delivery times?

    Orders are prepared and shipped within 24 hours of your order (except during the holiday season and excluding weekends and holidays)
    Your package is shipped the day of the order if it is placed before 12:00 noon (excluding weekends and holidays).
    You are notified by e-mail as soon as your package is shipped and you receive the tracking number of your order to be kept informed of the proper delivery of your package
    Your order is delivered mainly by Colissimo, without signature, in 48 hours working days (Metropolitan France excluding Corsica).

  • What are the delivery costs?



    For less than 100 € of purchase, the delivery costs are

    - 5 € in Metropolitan France
    - 9 € in European Union
    - 19 € for the rest of the world

  • Are the payment methods secure?

    Our payment methods are 100% secure

    Payments by bank card are ensured by our partner STRIPE, an organization approved by the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel and member of the GIE carte bancaire. At no time HABILE is in possession of your bank details thanks to the SSL encryption process.

    You can choose to pay for your purchases via the Paypal system, or directly by credit card without having to create an account, although we recommend it.

  • How to place an order on the site

    Nothing could be easier, add the products you prefer to your cart. Choose your size and color as cleverly as possible.

    Once you have made your selection, you will need to create a customer account by entering your email address and completing the requested information or entering your login details. (The creation of an account is not mandatory but strongly recommended, so you can track your orders and manage returns more easily). You will be able to enter your shipping and billing address, and finish with the payment method of your choice.

    As soon as your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail almost immediately. Be careful, this e-mail may be in the spam folder, please excuse us!

    If you encounter any difficulties, you can contact our after-sales service at 01 71 70 23 04 or by email so that we can settle it together or directly on instagram.

  • What is the status of my order?

    We deliver you wherever you are mainly thanks to the following delivery methods:

    Colissimo, Chronopost, Fedex and DHL.

    To track your order, nothing could be simpler, just click on one of the links below corresponding to the delivery method chosen and enter the tracking number that we sent you in the order shipment email.

    Colissimo, DHL, Fedex and Chronopost.

    Our team remains at your disposal in all circumstances :-)

    You can contact our after-sales service by phone or by email so that we can settle this together or directly on instagram.

  • I made a mistake with my address, model or size when I ordered, what can I do?

    It happens to us too, don't panic!

    You can reach our service department at

    01 71 70 23 04 or by mail so that we can settle it together or directly on instagram.

    If your order has already been shipped, no worries, you can return it as soon as you receive it by following the procedure via your order history in your "MY ACCOUNT" space.

    Of course, if like us, you're trying to reduce your impact on our environment, don't forget that each return increases the carbon footprint of your HABILE piece.

    So if you can, let us know as soon as possible, before your package is shipped.

  • What if I don't want to receive the invoice with the package?

    Or in other words, how do you send a gift directly to someone?

    Don't worry, all our orders are shipped without an invoice.

    Always with the aim of limiting our carbon footprint, HABILE invoices are downloadable in PDF directly in your customer area on the HABILE.COM website. The one for your order will have been sent to you as an attachment to the order confirmation email.

    To add a personalized word in your package, please send us a message to attach and we will be happy to take care of it. You can count on our team to make your gift as nice as possible.

    You can reach our after-sales service by phone

    You can contact our customer service byphone or by email so that we can find a solution together or directly on instagram.

  • How long does it take to get my product embroidered/customized?

    We are still working on making this service available online. For orders of more than 10 items, you can already contact us and we will be happy to process your special order in priority.

    You can contact our after sales service by phone or email so we can find a solution together or directly on instagram.

  • Oops, your order is in error ?

    When you pay for your order, it appears as a " payment error " on our site.
    Don't panic, you have not been debited and the payment has not been recorded.
    This may be due to one of the following anomalies with the payment method used to pay for your order:

    - The card numbers have been reversed or mistyped
    - The card has expired, it happens, yes yes
    - A payment limit has been reached on your account
    - Your bank refuses or suspects a fraudulent payment

    In order to guarantee the highest level of security during payment at HABILE we have integrated the STRIPE payment solution. No HABILE employee has access to your payment data. We invite you to repeat your payment with the same or another means of payment, or possibly to contact your bank.

    Here are the payment methods available to pay your HABILE order:

    -1- Payment by Visa, Master Card and American Express
    -2- Payment by Paypal
    -3- Payment by apple pay

    If you need our help concerning your payment,

    you can contact our customer service by phone or email so that we can find a solution together or directly on instagram.

  • I want to cancel my order

    How do you want us not to regret your choice? But at HABILE freedom is sacred, so nothing could be easier than to cancel your order: you send us an email or you call us. We will find together the solution that suits you best.

    If your order has already been shipped, you can return it for free as soon as you receive it and we will reimburse you as soon as we return the HABILE product you no longer want.

  • COVID-19 - Shipping time and delivery

    Dear all,
    Since May 11, 2020, our orders continue to be shipped but with longer delays by national and international carriers (colissimo, chronopost, UPS, DHL ...). Our teams do their best to optimize the processing time internally and allow you to receive your product in the best conditions.
    The carriers also do their utmost to deliver orders in strict compliance with health and safety measures.

    Patience being a widespread virtue among HABILE(s) customers, we take this opportunity to thank you for your understanding, which is widely requested during this post-confinement period.

  • COVID-19 - Sanitary Measures

    Dear HABILE customers,

    Colissimo and DHL, our main carriers ensuring our deliveries, respect all the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of all.

    To further limit the risks, these carriers have automatically opted for "contactless" home delivery until the health situation returns to normal.
    Concerning our teams, you should know that their security is uncompromising and we had already suspended our activity in mid March in order to protect everyone in the best conditions. Since then, we apply without reservation the following rules:

    - Distances of 2m or more between each order picker
    - the prohibition of lending personal equipment
    - the closing of common areas
    - the systematic training in barrier gestures
    - the provision of bottles of hydro-alcoholic solutions
    - the limitation of visits and trips to the strict minimum necessary for the continuation of our activity

    We will endeavour to apply these measures on a daily basis for as long as necessary in order to fight at our level against the propagation of the COVID-19 virus. (We are qualified but not doctors or epidemiologists, so we simply follow the instructions we are given).
    Thank you all for your help and your understanding

  • How to return HABILE items?

    If you placed your order on our website less than 30 days ago:

    Returns are free and we will provide you with a postal return slip (valid for 7 days) from France and most European Union countries.

    CLICK HERE to access "your account", then go to the "My orders" section.

    In case of problem you can contact our after-sales service at 01 71 70 23 04 or by mail so that we can find a solution together or directly on instagram.

  • Why keep the return label attached to your piece?

    HABILE seeks to reduce its carbon footprint and we must all together limit the miles traveled by our clothes. We therefore count on you to choose your size and color and you can count on us to always find a solution so that you receive the clothes you need.

    That being said, a free 30-day return policy is available to you. In order to guarantee you the best quality of service possible, while preserving the integrity of our products, we have placed a "return label" inside the garment that should not be removed during your first fitting.

    Please do not remove this label if you decide to return the garment. Without this label, the return of your garment will be more difficult to manage by our team.

  • Where are HABILE clothes made?

    HABILE is possible thanks to the work we do hand in hand with the French and Portuguese family businesses that we have selected and that have trusted us.

    The 100% made in Europe has more sense than ever for us. It allows us to keep a know-how close to us and it offers us the possibility to be present in the workshops to accompany our productions and to develop the different prototypes without having to travel around the world.

    All this is essential to the impeccable quality desired by HABILE in terms of resistance and comfort, as well as in ethical and environmental terms.

    You are HABILE or you're not, there is no TRY:-)

  • How much does it cost to manufacture in Europe (France & Portugal)?

    HABILE is committed to manufacturing its entire collection in Europe. Such a commitment has unavoidable consequences on our production costs, that is to say on average a tripling of our costs vs. a potential production at the other end of the world.

    In our prices, you pay for the quality of materials and finishes that you appreciate, but also the cost of environmentally friendly manufacturing processes such as the Oeko-Tex label for dyes. In this case, it is a guarantee of quality printing of HABILE colors and their longevity.

    The social and human cost is an essential factor that is also important to us at HABILE. Manufacturing in Europe, guarantees us and you better working conditions in the workshops, for all our craftsmen who make each HABILE part by hand and with care. We thank them every day.

  • Where does the cotton used to make the HABILE pieces come from?

    As you may know, France does not produce cotton except for 4ha cultivated by three farmers in Montreal-du-Gers who are currently producing 100kg of cotton. The cotton we use comes from Turkey where we select natural yarns.

    All the steps of transformation of the thread as its dyeing or its weaving are entirely carried out in Europe and more specifically in Portugal at 10km of Porto for our cotton twill fabrics but also in the South West of France for our socks.

    The perfect respect of the European standards is essential at HABILE to minimize the environmental impact of our products.
    For all our colors, the components used are certified Oeko-tex while preserving the solidity of the colors and their duration in time (In short the colors do not bleed at HABILE).

  • How to choose my size ?

    At HABILE, we (especially Camille Andrieux, our founder and in-house stylist) have worked a lot on the right cut of our clothes because we wanted them to be unisex with a fall adapted to all morphologies, while remaining comfortable to wear.

    Each model has its own size guide presented on each product sheet (except for the one size fits all products such as the bandana). You can find your height and weight in a cross table as well as the dimensions of our models.

    You can contact our after-sales service by phone or by email so that we can find a solution together or directly on instagram.

  • Where to find the size guide?

    At HABILE, we offer a size guide for each product. You only need to know your height and weight to find your way around.

    You will findour size guide on the right side of the size selection space " XS S M L XL " , just above the " I ORDER " button. Then simply click on "SIZE GUIDE".

    You can contact our customer service by phone or email so that we can find a solution together or directly on instagram.

  • What can I do, my product is defective?

    First of all, we invite you to send us an email with one or more photos of your article, your order number and the care conditions (washing/drying) used for the product?
    If the defect is confirmed by our teams, a Colissimo voucher (valid for 7 days) will be sent to you in return and will allow you to send us the product at our expense.
    Please attach the delivery note, if you still have it in your possession, indicating the defect encountered on the article. Otherwise, please indicate, on a separate sheet of paper, your order number and the defect encountered on the item.
    As soon as we receive it, we will send you back the same product (subject to availability), brand new and beautiful!

  • What? There is a store HABILE ???

    What is the HABILE shop?
    A restaurant where chef Eric prepares an extra seasonal menu, a grocery store and a wine shop, where you can find products that we have selected with love. And - of course - a boutique where you can find, try on and shop all the Habile wardrobe items! So we say to ourselves that 16 rue de Lancry is a place of life, which gathers all that we love, to share it with you! Opening tomorrow. Are you coming?

  • How to contact us?

    Do not hesitate to contact us, whatever your question and your need for advice, we will answer you as soon as possible.

    You can reach our after-sales service by phone or by email so that we can find a solution together or directly on instagram.