Launched two years ago and initially confined to online sales, the unisex ready-to-wear brand Habile will present itself from June 9 in a new concept that combines a fashion store and a restaurant, at 16, rue de Lancry, in the 10th arrondissement.

At the origin of the concept, a couple formed by Camille Andrieux, a former student of the Chardon-Savard school, whose career led her to Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen in New York, then to Sonia Rykiel before taking responsibility for knitwear and jersey for the Iro brand, and Eric Fontanini, an experienced chef who trained with Guy Savoy and Alain Ducasse, before managing the kitchens of the Palais-Royal restaurant.

Initially partners in their consultancy Know-How Consulting, they are launching the brand Habile in 2019, with the aim of highlighting the timelessness and durability of clothing. "The textile industry, as it was oriented in recent years, did not suit us, so we launched Habile advocating the idea of a traceable and sustainable wardrobe, composed of iconic pieces, intended to be worn for a long time," explains Camille Andrieux.

L'espace dédié à la collection Habile

The space dedicated to the Habile collection
Inspired by military clothing and work clothes, the duo composed a timeless wardrobe, which is not influenced by the rhythm of the collections, and is based on permanent pieces - a jacket, overalls and a denim apron - offered in a color palette ranging from traditional blue to overseas green and blue grey. "Tradition twisted with modernity," adds the designer, "like our reversible jackets showing the house's hand print."

Added to this is a line of T-shirts, sweatshirts (made in Portugal), reversible sweaters, hats knitted at Saint-James and socks made in FranceEach piece is accompanied by labels with thematic messages - love for the opening of the store -, the whole being offered at 195 euros for the work jacket, 45 euros for the T-shirt and 235 euros for the sweater.

Camille Andrieux et Eric Fontanini, les créateurs de la marque et du lieu, Habile

Camille Andrieux and Eric Fontanini, the creators of the brand and the place, Habile
Presented on the first floor of the store, the Habile collection can be found on the menu of the restaurant that occupies the first floor of the store, where customers can order croque-monsieur, Caesar salad, eggs Benedict, a T-shirt or Habile jacket.

A restaurant programmed to be open continuously and offering the services of a wine shop and a delicatessen. "Habile brings together a wealth of know-how. In the kitchen as in fashion, we militate for the quality and transparency of our productions."

In the coming weeks, the duo should work on new developments, highlighting collaborations between fashion and cuisine, and expanding its collections around pants, shirts and accessories.
By Alexis Chenu, June 9, 2021 for Fashion Network