FASHION NETWORK: Habile brings blue overalls back into style

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10/14/2018 by Fashion network

"It is by observing a return to the manual trades that we had the idea of giving back to the time the workwear". With these words, Eric Fontanini explains the genesis of the brand he co-created with Camille Andrieux. Named Habile, it focuses on five pieces, overalls (called cotte, its original name), a bandana, a jacket, a pouch and an apron, all made from a cotton twill, blue, of course. "In these professions where work and passion merge, where you never stop working from the moment you wake up to the end of the day, we wanted to offer a functional garment that you are proud to wear."

For this first capsule entitled "Time 1", the duo called on the illustrator Imed Gharzouli to imagine a pattern where two hands appear. They are printed on the back of all pieces presented by Camille Andrieux and Eric Fontanini. These reversible garments sell for between 29 and 235 euros on the brand's website or at the Consulate, in the 14th arrondissement, where Habile has set up a pop-up store open until October 12.

In addition, the designers have started to approach multi-brand stores to sell their collections. They have identified ten or so stores where they think their creations could meet customer demand. To present their work to buyers, Camille Andrieux and Eric Fontanini will hold a showroom from January 17 to 19 at the Caffarelli workshop, 8, rue Caffarelli in the Marais. In parallel, the entrepreneurs have also launched a tab reserved for professionals on their website. They can make specific requests to personalize Habile's workwear with the name of their business.

This is not the first timeCamille Andrieux and Eric Fontanini have worked together. The designer, who among other things worked for Iro's knitwear and jersey section for more than four years, co-founded the consulting firm Know-How Consulting with the chef in 2016. They claim among their clients IKKS, Balibaris, Maison Standards or even Ana Heart.