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couverture de dynamic senior sur la marque HABILE et ses valeurs

by Gaelle Alban for Dynamic Senior on 15/01/2020


Habile is a French brand whose ambition is to lighten our closets with durable clothes without giving up style. The cuts are timeless, the fabrics hyper resistant and the style mixed and urban. Discover these quality and trendy clothes.

They are two clothing fanatics who created this brand in 2018. Camille and Eric want Habille to make things happen while making timeless and quality clothes. Moreover, they guarantee them for a minimum of one year. For them, each collection must be wearable for a long time. They turn their back on the current Fast Fashion.

Habille - Femme en chemise

Habile: new collection

First, the iconic cotton twill jacket in new colors. Then a new Tee-Shirt whose pocket is made from the fabric scraps of the jacket. Pieces that adapt to all styles, all outfits and all moods. This allows you to wear these clothes hundreds of times without getting tired of them or seeing their quality deteriorate. For this reason, the Veste Habile is guaranteed to be worn at least 365 days.

Habile : Tenues hommes

A triple requirement

Habile has a triple requirement. The clothes must be comfortable, inventive and ethical at the same time. Habile essentials are unisex, comfortable, stylish and practical. They are fully reversible or wearable in many ways. You'll have the pleasure of changing your look without multiplying your wardrobe. Habile essentials also meet the ethical requirements of eco-responsible fashion. Habile essentials are made in the best factories in France and Portugal. All materials are 100% natural.

Habile - Tenues ados

Habile: timeless clothing

The two-in-one models are the brand's specialty. The sweater is reversible to join the family of products that we never leave. It has been designed on both sides, front and back. No print but a two-tone rib on the right side and plain once turned. With its two colors, this sweater can be matched with a whole dressing.

Habille : pull homme

Stitches are a grandma's thing!

Habile - les pulls

Camille and Eric have studied the knits of yesterday to identify the techniques that ensure resistance but also comfort. They always mixed the types of stitches. Their sweater is therefore knitted with different types of ribs including a pearl rib. It also includes a rice stitch at the elbow patches for maximum resistance. And who says reversible says perfect finishings! The knitting is done by hand, stitch after stitch for all the finishes of each sweater and cups. The hand knitting brings strength and durability to the products. This is not the case with a simple and unattractive seam. It makes sweaters and caps reversible without the need for a back or front. Finishes like these you won't see every day.

Habile : les pulls

The sweater

Habile - les pulls

Warm and protective at the same time, this sweater is high end thanks to the quality of its 100% virgin wool yarn. To find the best shape, Camille and Eric dug into the archives and gathered historical images of old sailors' and workers' sweaters. These shapes were both functional and " indestructible ". They have kept the principle. Guided by their desire to design truly durable garments, they modernized it by making it reversible. The result is a revisited classic with perfect finishing touches. 100% new wool.
Price RRP: 235€

Habile : les pulls

To know :

Wool fiber can be considered almost as old as humanity. Its qualities are the strength and elasticity of the fiber. It is a source of warmth while being breathable. The selected 100% wool yarn comes from the expert countries of Australia and Uruguay. The sheep are left to graze freely. All this allows us to have the best wool for the manufacture of sweaters.

Habile : Les bonnets

The beanie

Habile - Les bonnets

This functional model adapts to all head shapes. It is knitted with a Jersey stitch and a 1×1 rib. The knitting pattern is unique. 100% virgin wool
Price RRP: 45€

The Socks

Habile : Les chaussettes

To dress you to the feet, Camille and Eric did not resist the urge to decline their monogram in socks. Knitted in jacquard stitches, in organic cotton, they match all their jacket colors. They are made in one of the best French workshops. Socks neither too high, nor too low in organic cotton to fit all, knitted in jacquard with our monogram.
RRP: 15€

Habile - Chemises

The founders of the brand

Camille and Eric are in love with the perfect gesture and just causes. They believe in the future of well-made pieces and the need to have the means to design them. They want timeless cuts, a fair price and details that make a difference.

Habile - Camille et Eric les fondateurs de la marque

Camille, the fairy hand that designs

After 5 years at Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen and Chloé, she signed the best-sellers of several Parisian brands such as Maison Standard, Iro or Balibaris. In creating Habile, she creates uncompromising pieces that are stylish, perfectly comfortable and made to last.

Eric, the nature-loving artisan

This chef was trained by the great Alain Ducasse and Guy Savoy. He has always cultivated a taste for doing things differently. He dreamed of an authentic wardrobe made with respect for the environment. Now, he creates the clothes he has always dreamed of wearing in the kitchen and in life.