A space without limits

HABILE, c’est un espace de 200 m2 se démarquant par son architecture et son design. Il est entièrement privatisable.
Want to organize a professional or personal event? At HABILE everything is possible! It is the ideal place to plan an event: birthdays, parties, wine of honor, company cocktails, cocktail parties, sit-down meals, conferences, vernissages, dedications, shootings, shootings...

le concept store HABILE vue d'ensemble avec les tables du restaurant et les banquettes. L'espace est coloré, cosy et lumineux

We propose two distinct offers:

The whole place can be privatized for half a day or a whole day up to 2 hours. It is a space of 70 m2 which consists of a bar area, a sitting area and a mezzanine area of 30 m2. You benefit from a superb space and a height under ceiling of 4m. The place can accommodate up to 100 people standing and 30 seated. Projection equipment available, possibility to dim the lights and to put your own music on our speakers in the shop.

le speak easy HABILE est un espace en souterrain, une cave voutée, rénovée mais qui conserve son authenticité et son caractère. Des bocaux de fermentations sont visibles avec une lumière tamisée. Espace privatisante au 16 rue de Lancry à Paris

Our Speakeasy can be privatized by the hour. It is an underground space, a vaulted cellar of 30m2, renovated but retaining its authenticity and character. You have access to a television with remote control and speaker to project your work if you want to organize a professional event or other. For your information, it is in this space that we make our own fermented vegetables and fruits. You enter directly into the HABILE state of mind. The place can accommodate up to 14 people seated, for a meal, and 18 people standing (for legal reasons).

Finger food proposée chez HABILE avec des bouchées personnalisées pour chaque évènement chez HABILE au 16 rue de Lancry.

In each formula, a "menu" and "drink" option is available. This can be a full menu, a finger food, a cocktail party or a selection of certain products. You will communicate directly with the chef to get a quote.

We do our best to satisfy your requests in terms of layout, organization, arrival and departure as well as for the food (birthday cake, vegetarian). All this information must be specified at the time of your privatization.

Contact :


16 rue de Lancry, 75010

"A big thank you for this wonderful moment! The HABILE team was perfect for this very special day. The place is very appropriate to receive a group, the food is excellent and the welcome is very warm! We highly recommend!" Jenna Bride