Habile : blue, unisex, resistant & functional workwear clothes,
conceived and produced to inspire you daily.


Habile’s clothes are conceived to adapt themselves to what you do. Every detail counts.

100% of materials are natural and eco-friendly. // The twill weave makes the garment more resistant and sustainable. // Our production company in Portugal guarantees a meticulous dedication to the products. // The fits are confortable and practical. // Finishes are perfect, outside and inside.

No to clothes that get worn out and thrown away.
Yes to clothes that last and that you keeP.


Habile was built around two main guidelines.

The first one is to only produce unisex models. Because for us gender has nothing to do with neither work nor passion -  we provide you with what allows to make whatever you want no matter who you are.

The second one is to conceive reversible clothes, which means they can be worn both inside and out. The finishes are perfect on the inside-out, allowing you to switch from plain blue to print anytime depending on your mood and needs.


We want to respect and honour the original overalls’ tradition but also allow its heritage to thrive again. Not out of nostalgia but in order to make sure it keeps inspiring the effort and humility that is at he core of its DNA.

All along the construction of our project, we  have collaborated with talented, creative people and asked them a simple question : how to make craftsman’s culture and values modern. Our goal : to offer everlasting models inspired by tradition yet carrying the modern footprint of our time.

Habile’s wardrobe


the apron


the overall

The tool pouch roll

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