Camille was formed as a stylist by some of the best haute-couture designers of the world : Marc Jacobs (NYC), Alexander McQueen (London), Chloé (Paris) …

Then she successfully took up the Parisian ready-to-wear challenge as she signed some best sellers for trendy brands such as IRO, Balibaris or
Maison Standards.

By creating Habile, she does what she has always done : understanding trends, hard working, and launching products she is proud of.


Eric is a chef trained in the French gastronomy’s superstars kitchens that are Alain Ducasse and
Guy Savoy’s restaurants.

After several worldwide experiences (California, Ibiza, Beijing, Uruguay …), he decided to come back to Paris to take over the « très chic » Restaurant du Palais Royal during 3 years.

Along with his experience and his never-satisfied nature, he gives his stoves a rest, to launch Habile and create clothing that any real craftsman needs.

Camille and Eric are two craftsmen, of formation and of conviction,
that built their career by working hard and by believing in what they do.

They conceived Habile’s wardrobe in their own image :
with nothing but the will to make simple and beautiful.

Habile’s wardrobe


the apron


the overall

The tool pouch roll

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